ELDORADO Reiseblog #18 / Cali

22.02.2016 / Cali

Noch immer sitzen wir in Calí, und ohne sie mit allzu viel Erwartungen belegen, überrascht uns die Stadt. Und dann kam heute endlich eine konkrete Nachricht aus Buenaventura - das Boot nach Nuqui läuft morgen um 14.00 Uhr aus - genug Zeit, um morgen vormittag mit dem Bus zu fahren.

Yamile on Calí:
Calí, you might not like it at first (I totally freaked out). But, the longer you stay (and you might stay longer than expected), the more it bores deep in your heart. Because of its people, full of contradictions, like the city, like the land.
La variedad es tan grande como el territorio colombiano y su salsa también. Cali ist eine Soße, una salsa. If there are many ways of dancing as there is people imagine it's Salsa. What makes me think:
- Is dance/art a reflexion of its land?
- How much influence is there, from the land, to a person, to the art? And what about the people without land, without roots, what about the art?
- Que tan fuerte es el vinculo entre el lugar de nacimiento de una persona y el volar?
The Koguis they don't write words, the speak, pass their knowledge through tongue. When the last Kogui dies, their knowledge will disappear with them - "por que, las palabras se las lleva el viento" - and its okay.
In the Amazonas the people claw signs in stone.
In Medellin people claw on their walls, on their homes, on their roofs.
And in Calí - people dance. Salsa, Rumba, Vallenato, Cumbia, Pachanga, Danón, Milonga, Tango ... y lo que aún no tiene nombre ... what ever dance, they dance with a clear mind of a free soul.