FREAKSHOW - The Best In Town / Czech Republic Tour

Invited by the NOVÁ SIT network and the Festival MALA INVENTURA in the Regions we go on tour in Czech Republic in September 2015 with


Idea, Performance, Scenography / Sabine Köhler, Heiki Ikkola
Music / Daniel Williams (Frieder Zimmermann)
Light / Josia Werth

A panopticum of surrealistic beings.
“Freakshow” from Dresden was the sparkling final showpiece of the “2. Witzfigurenfestival”.
Susanne Memberg: For a very entertaining, funny and at the same time horrific hour Sabine Köhler and Heiki Ikkola abducted the audience into the fantastic world of physical absurdities. From the very first second the spectators were spellbound by this ‘revue of acts’ that follows the model of the spine-chilling cabinets of curiosities at European fairgrounds of yesteryear. Here the full impact of the images moved into center stage. Again and again the two protagonists transformed by means of costumes, masks and contortion in unbelievable, fantastic characters and designed a shocking ‘panopticum’ of surrealistic creatures that one knows - if at all - only from the paintings of Magritte: the counterconcept of the mermaid - around the top fish , below bare human arse. A cheekily dancing and love-driven wolf man, who is finally being castrated by the elephant man. The levitating virgin. A giant cricket during lovemaking. Bizarre small-growns, woman with twisted heads and a new-born who turns out to be a devilish, evil, scolding big-mouthed bastard. This “Freakshow” deserves its name - and its subtitle on top of everything. It was well-rounded, very artistic, joyful, imaginative - simply breathtaking.” /  “Westfälische Allgemeine” - Herne, Germany

25 - 26/09/2015 - Divadlo 29 Pardubice